Great way to plan for any event. Resin Folding Chairs 1,000 lb Capacity - 5 Yr Warranty - Resin Folding Wedding Chairs and Carts - Always the Lowest Prices since 2001
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Lowest Prices White Resin Wedding Chairs - Discount Resin Hotel Chairs
200 White Resin Chairs / 6 Carts - Free Shipping
Sale Price $4,950.00

Lowest Prices White Resin Wedding Chairs - Discount Resin Hotel Chairs
100 White Resin Folding Chairs - 3 Carts - Free Shipping
Sale Price $2,470.00

Prices White Resin Wedding Chairs - Discount Resin Hotel Chairs
300 White Resin Folding Chairs - 8 Carts
Sale Price $7,200.00

Wedding Resin Folding Chairs – Factory Direct Wholesale Prices Resin Folding Chairs have been used by Rental Companies for decades. Wholesale Resin Folding Chairs are made for use every day and made for multiple uses. Our WHOLESALE Folding Resin Chairs with Vinyl Cushions fold for easy storage and transportation. Our Resin Folding Chairs are can be stored in any location. Our customers for Resin Wholesale Chairs Folding are Schools, Churches, Wedding Facilities and Rental Companies

Wedding Resin Folding Chairs work with all our Folding Tables. For instance you can fit 8-10 Wood Folding Chairs around a 60” Round Folding Table and 10-12 Resin Folding Chairs around a 72” Round Folding Table. Wood Folding Chairs are also great for outdoor and indoor events. If it is 50 for 1,000 Discount Resin Folding Chairs they work great. We have over 3,000 References for our Wholesale Resin Folding Chairs,

Factory Direct Resin Folding Chairs have a static weight capacity of 800 lbs and a moving weight capacity of 350 lbs. We offer White, Black, Fruitwood, Mahogany Resin Folding Chairs. Each Wholesale Folding Chair colors work well with any décor. All our Wood Folding Chairs come with a replaceable Vinyl Comfort Cushion and a Five Year Warranty. If there is an issue during the 5 Year Term, we will replace your Wood Folding Chairs Free of Charge. Call our customer service department with any questions on our Wholesale Wedding Folding Chairs.

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